The Garlic Twist The Garlic Twist is a new, innovative kitchen garlic tool that is designed to replace the problem-prone garlic press or the tedious hand-mincing of garlic using a chef's knife. At the heart of each Garlic Twist is a matching set of cross -cutting mincing teeth that allows garlic cloves to be minced to perfection.

OK, I am a convert on this product. I was so skeptical on this item but customers were asking for it, so I brought it in. I mean, I have a knife, I have a press, everything was working just fine with my garlic preparation. But, this item truly does make garlic prep easier. If you like alot of garlic, this item is for you.

The back of this tool is perfectly designed to take the peel off your cloves effortlessly and the twist will quickly mince those cloves with ease. I cannot say enough about how much I love this tool. In my kitchen, it has become my best tool addition since the Microplane.